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A Journey Through Brutalism

Rise Gallery's Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison talks to Beats & Eats about the latest

exhibition at South London's hottest gallery..

Can you describe the new exhibition for us? What makes this one unmissable?

A Journey Through Brutalism is an exciting look at Croydon past and present and how the architecture has defined what Croydon is and the makeup of the town. It is a unique take on that time of transition and also looks into the future of architecture in Croydon. We have tours throughout the month with BBC film-maker Jonathan Meades and author John Grindrod

Can you tell us more about the images you sent to us? What is it about them that makes them stand out to you?

The images are taken by local photographer Glenn Foster who really has a touch of magic about his photographs. He has really captured the essence of some of Croydon's most iconic buildings.

For someone who hasn’t been to RISE Gallery, what do you think might surprise them about it on their first visit?

What surprises many people is our location. We showcase some big names and high level pieces so it surprises some people to find us in a run down 1960's shopping parade in Croydon.

You believe in the power of art to bring about positive change. Can you tell us about a moment in your life when you realised that was true.

There have been so many moments, but to single out one would be our very first collaboration with Femme Fierce which really had great support from the local community and showed that Art can truly be a catalyst for change. We would love to build on this success and work with other similar projects to bring the local community together.

In your opinion, why is it important for people to go and see art ‘in the flesh’?

It's more about the experience and having a personal, deeper connection with Art. take architecture for example. You can't truly appreciate a building unless you can see it right infront of you and experience the relevance of the building in its environment.

You’ve supported a lot of the street art which appears in town these days. Which other parts of Croydon are ripe for an injection of street art?

All of Croydon really. We would like to focus on the other districts. Thornton Heath has a really good energy about it and London Road, with it's melting pot of cultures would serve really well to a variety of different art forms.

Name an artwork that you wish you had at home.

It always changes but at the moment it would be Marilyn 31 by Andy Warhol. I've seen it and sold it a few times so it has become very personal to my journey as an Art dealer.

Name an artwork that you wish you had created.

Girl with a Balloon by Banksy

Exhibition Name: A Journey Through Brutalism

Artist(s): Adam Halliday, Mark McClure, Charlie Lang, Louise Gough, Glenn Foster, Laurent Bompard

Venue: RISE Gallery

Dates (from-to): Private View 22nd February 2018 (RSVP only). Exhibition runs 23rd February – 31st March 2018.

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