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Beats & Eats deliver pop-up music events and workshops for the community.

We are a CIC (Community Interest Company) founded in 2013 by a group of friends from Croydon who wanted to create a quality, family-friendly night out by mixing a blend of baked treats, street food from our local market, live music and DJs.

The 2011 Croydon Riots inspired us to create a legacy in our home town.
Many of our friends are DJs and musicians who made their names in Croydon and then moved away. This left a lack of musical inspiration in the town and we wanted to fix this.  We all felt that Croydon was bursting full of talent and needed a regular event platform.... so we did it ourselves!

Fast-forward ten years later and we have delivered over 100 events, run our own 3 day festival stage, delivered music workshops for charities and youth organisations, launched Boxpark Croydon and even published our own MiniZine! ​

Please follow our socials to keep informed about our events
which are always  FREE for kids!

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