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Feeling peachy?

Now there are even more treats from Surrey Street market, says Karen Cartwright

The Surrey Street Treats recipe series brings Citizen readers fresh, foodie suggestions using ingredients from Croydon’s famous market, a medieval treasure that’s served our community since it gained its Royal Charter in 1276.

It turns out that the market’s fresh and delicious ingredients also make for fabulous cocktails. Karen Cartwright from Project B in Middle Street knows a thing or two about mixing, so here are two more ways to treat yourself in Surrey Street!

You’ve probably noticed the abundance of these funny looking little derriere-shaped peaches all over Surrey Street – smaller, sweeter and juicier sisters to the conventional peach. If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time as they’re selling at ten for just £1.

So here are two very different cocktails featuring the flat peach:

Peach and bourbon smash: ingredients:

From the market:

1 flat peach (sliced)

Handful of fresh mint

Chunk of fresh ginger

From the kitchen:

25ml simple syrup: to make this, just add 1 part boiling water to 1 part sugar and mix until sugar dissolved

From the drinks cabinet:

50ml Maker’s Mark (or your favourite bourbon)

Splash Dubonnet (or any sweet red vermouth)

Ginger ale


Add the peach slices, ginger, mint and syrup in a cocktail shaker and muddle (smash!). Add the bourbon and vermouth and muddle some more. Pack an old fashioned glass with ice and strain contents into glass. Top with ginger ale and garnish with mint.

White peach sangria:


From the market:

1 flat peach, sliced


Fresh mint

From the drinks cabinet:

125ml white wine

25ml peach schnapps



Fill a tumbler with ice and add the peach slices and strawberries. Add white wine and peach schnapps and top with a splash of soda. Stir and garnish with mint. So now all that remains is for you to sip your Surrey Street cocktails which will also be available at the next Beats & Eats.

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